About Lady Joseph

First of all we would like to introduce you to our grandmother Lady Joseph, without whom none of this would have been possible; the most elegant person we have ever met, and surely also the most persistent. Josephine fell in love with our grandfather one summer in Bordeaux, while he was learning to make French wine to take his production to La Rioja.

Lady Joseph with the first team at the Salon de The that opened in Haro (La Rioja. Spain) in 1926.

Our grandmother's French charm - probably with the help of the spell of the local wine - made him fall at her feet, and in two months they decided to get married and move to Logroño.
Everything happened very quickly and; Although she did not talk much about the subject, we always sense that upon arriving in her new land - far from home, from her vineyards and her landscapes - homesickness invaded her. But once she recovered, she recovered her halo of natural elegance and began to think about producing top-notch products that could transport her to her native France: for some things, such as stubbornness, she always seemed more traditional than French.

Josephine began by selecting the best flours from local producers and replicating the recipes from her childhood, perfecting the recipe until she obtained elegant, thin and crispy cookies, full of flavor. A healthy and unique product that delighted travelers who stopped in Haro.

Since our grandmother was a very social person, although at that time and area, women were rather earthy and silent, she decided to open a tea room. There, she would sell what she made in the workshop, while creating a meeting center for neighbors, friends and travelers who spent the night in Haro to take the same train that took their products to France.
Soon his salon became an indispensable meeting place, not only for the delicacies it served, but for being a friendly and avant-garde meeting point where one could find out everything that was happening in the rest of Europe.

Josephine's grandchildren wanted to continue the tradition and achieve her great dream: to be able to share her wonderful creations with people from all over the world. We preserve its original recipe and its good work, as well as that world of dreams and memories that we wanted to capture in its collection of cookies.

This is us in their back room where we went after school looking for their freshly baked cookies to snack on.

Since gossip and meetings are now digital, let's at least take care of the quality products and history that keep our origin alive.
We invite you to discover the world of Lady Joseph.