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Vegan Crackers Red Pepper, Cumin and Olive Oil

Vegan Crackers Red Pepper, Cumin and Olive Oil

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Delicious , Vegan and Artisan Crackers with Red Pepper , Cumin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Natural, artisanal, crispy and extra fine without additives or preservatives and without palm oil.

We select the best red peppercorns ripened on the plant and turn them into a fine grain just before baking to maintain their aromas . (Red pepper is the green grain that has matured on the plant, turning the berry red. The red pepper is spicier than the green one and its aromas are also more intense).

Cumin grain is crushed without turning it into powder to maintain its aroma and properties.

Both give an intense, slightly spicy flavor to our crackers, and together with the extra virgin olive oil , they become a trio of exceptional quality ingredients.

The flour is milled by hand. Stone- ground flours are more nutritious and aromatic than those ground with industrial steel rollers.

We let our doughs rest for 12 hours and cook slowly to maintain the nutrients and obtain an extra fine and crunchy cracker, but consistent at the same time.

So you can enjoy them alone or accompanied by cheeses, meats or sausages as Lady Joseph liked them.

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